Hi.  This is Dr Brian Lumsdon.  If you are reading this then most likely you are in some sort of pain.  I can and do help a lot of people with back pain but more importantly I try to help you understand how you got there in the first place.  There are strategies to keep your spine and nerves healthy just like there are strategies to keep your teeth healthy.  I’ve been in practice since 2000 and have helped thousands of people live a better life.  My office is very laid back, like me.  If you have questions, call.  If you want to come in and check it out first, please do.  I’ve learned over the years that many people are scared to go to the Chiropractor.  Please don’t be.  Chiropractic is very safe and effective.  Many, many people have told me that had they known what we really do it would have saved them years of suffering.  Call today.  317-559-4313.  Thank you.